What was the bottom line for the residents that live around the hospital site ? Presumably if a prison or asylum seeker centre was built next door to them then their houses would have dropped, or probably halved in value ?


There were a number of houses that were sold and exchanged while the hospital was being sold from 1997- 1999. So it wasn't very funny to discover that the authority had effectively duped us by concealing the site's development plans from them. So solicitors were not able to advise their clients that they could be sharing boundaries with a prison or asylum seekers centre.

There is nothing nothing wrong with an ASD centre or prison at the end of your garden , if you have knowingly made that choice to be neighbours with them. But, something is very wrong if these proposals were concealed from you. In addition to this, if the planning brief had been available and in the public domain , then arguably the perceived value of the properties would have been much lower, meaning that everyone paid too much for them.


As you probably know depreciation of property values , as a result of a prison being built next door to you , is not something you can legitimately object to in terms of planning. You would have to prove some other kind of adverse impact etc . I am not sure what the residents around the site could have found or what they are complaining about ?


It wasn't a question of challenging the development of a prison or ASD centre as it never materialised. The site had many problems to overcome , if that was the intention. The main problem for a developer was the neighbouring resident's rights of way and drains that entered and ran through the middle of the site. One of the first things the new owners tried to do after the purchase in October 1999, was to block and seal off all these entry and exit points. However, they lost the court case, which meant that it was not possible to run a secured ring around the site.

The issue in regard to the planning authority's involvement is about alleged acts of misinformation and negligence . People who permanently live in an area , and those moving into it , have a legal right to know what the LPA's future plans or proposals are for that particular area. It is the duty of all LPA's to be transparent.